WELLCOR Mind and Body Supplements are all pharmaceutical-grade, properly dosed and chemical-free. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our mission includes education and we strive to help you understand the compounds that can provide substantial support for your cardiovascular health.
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Physician Formulate

Dr. Surkin is a Board Certified cardiologist who trained at Yale University and also earned a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Columbia University. Throughout his many years as a cardiologist, Dr. Surkin has been bringing new and innovative approaches to treating his patients; he is concerned with health and prevention rather than just hear disease.

In response to his patients' needs, Dr. Surkin researched an developed his own line of high quality cardiac supplements known as WELLCOR. He developed these products for people who want to enhance their cardiovascular health and improve their overall sense of wellness, support cardiovascular treatment and reduce certain side effects from medication.

Wellcor Products Are

  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Made in the USA
  • Chemical Free
  • Based on Scientific and Medical Data
  • Physician Formulated
  • "I Exercise at least 5 times a week, but I know my heredity plays a big part. I'd been drinking green tea,but now that I take Dr. Surkin's Green Tea supplement, my energy is better, my cholesterol is better. My overall health is better."
    Dennis M.,
    lifetime athlete, coach and high school principal
  • "I didn't have any energy. Sometimes I hurt so bad I couldn't even walk. Now that I've been taking Dr. Surkin's supplements I can work in my yard, cut the grass, plant flowers, walk anywhere I want. I feel so much better."
    Cathy C.,
    retired, home gardener
  • "Since I've started taking Dr. Surkin's supplements, my quality of life improved. I have made great progress in my disease and am feeling much better."
    Charley Ann H.,
    church musician and piano teacher
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